How To: clean your shower curtains/clean with me.

So, every now and again I will clean our shower curtain. (By "every now and again" I actually mean that I only clean it when I remember that it's in existence in our home and it's DISGUSTING.) If you're anything like my husband you'd probably say "Just throw it out and buy a new one." and while, [...]


Mommy Motivation Monday

Happy Labor Day, yall! I wanted to start sort of a trend on my blog about moms just uplifting and motivating other moms. Too many times I've seen nothing but mom-shaming and at times, I'll admit, I've joined in and said some choice words because we all "mom" differently and I, as a human being, do have [...]

I pierced my baby’s ears

There seem to be polar ends on the topic of piercing your baby's ears, and while I'm not here to give a big ol' eye roll to those who argue its next to some sort of child abuse... I am here to let you know what my experience was!  I, like my sister, mom, cousins, aunts, [...]

makin’ baby food: green beans

I make my own baby food! One: because I know exactly whats going into Cami girls food and two: because its way cheaper than buying baby food! Im all about saving the bucks, people! So first, I obviously went to the store and bought some green beans.. I don't know how many "pounds" I got but [...]

procrastination is my motivation

Since as long as I can remember I have been a procrastinator. I've always known it and even knowing it.. I cant change it. side note: is there some sort of "condition" for "extreme procrastination? whats the diagnoses and what sort of medication do i need to take to make me better? My epiphany of [...]

“I’m not like a regular mom…”

We've all seen Mean Girls, when Regina George's mom says "I'm not like a regular mom..I'm a cool mom!!" and we all love it and to some extent we can relate But if the saying was: "im not like a regular a cool long as you listen to what Isay, never take your bow [...]

Yes, I cloth diaper.

with this post im basically going to be answering questions i get a lot about cloth diapering. LETS GET STARTED! "why?" There are a lot of factors to parents deciding to cloth diaper but our biggest one was money. YUP. we knew we were going to be a single income family after Cami girl got here and [...]

Why can’t I have just one?

This post is going to be sporadic, I don't really have much of a direction I want to go in with it but its something thats been bothering me since I had Cami girl. After having Cami I can't tell you how many times ive been asked "so when are you going to have the [...]

SAHM guide to cleaning walls and baseboards

Can I just start of by saying i HATE cleaning walls and baseboards. We live in base housing so these particular walls that im cleaning, for some reason, don't have any paint on them? When we moved in it was..odd..but all the walls in this darn house are just coated in primer..white, chalky, stains with the [...]

SAHM daily routine with a 4 month old.

Just some disclaimers before I start: First, "SAHM" is an acronym for "stay at home mom". I pronounce it "sam", though..are we all doing that? Or is that just me? haha! Second, I use the term "daily" very loosely because as most of you may know, having a set in stone routine with a baby is near impossible.. [...]