How To: clean your shower curtains/clean with me.

So, every now and again I will clean our shower curtain. (By "every now and again" I actually mean that I only clean it when I remember that it's in existence in our home and it's DISGUSTING.) If you're anything like my husband you'd probably say "Just throw it out and buy a new one." and while, [...]


Mommy Motivation Monday

Happy Labor Day, yall! I wanted to start sort of a trend on my blog about moms just uplifting and motivating other moms. Too many times I've seen nothing but mom-shaming and at times, I'll admit, I've joined in and said some choice words because we all "mom" differently and I, as a human being, do have [...]

I pierced my baby’s ears

There seem to be polar ends on the topic of piercing your baby's ears, and while I'm not here to give a big ol' eye roll to those who argue its next to some sort of child abuse... I am here to let you know what my experience was!  I, like my sister, mom, cousins, aunts, [...]

makin’ baby food: green beans

I make my own baby food! One: because I know exactly whats going into Cami girls food and two: because its way cheaper than buying baby food! Im all about saving the bucks, people! So first, I obviously went to the store and bought some green beans.. I don't know how many "pounds" I got but [...]

procrastination is my motivation

Since as long as I can remember I have been a procrastinator. I've always known it and even knowing it.. I cant change it. side note: is there some sort of "condition" for "extreme procrastination? whats the diagnoses and what sort of medication do i need to take to make me better? My epiphany of [...]

“I’m not like a regular mom…”

We've all seen Mean Girls, when Regina George's mom says "I'm not like a regular mom..I'm a cool mom!!" and we all love it and to some extent we can relate But if the saying was: "im not like a regular a cool long as you listen to what Isay, never take your bow [...]

Yes, I cloth diaper.

with this post im basically going to be answering questions i get a lot about cloth diapering. LETS GET STARTED! "why?" There are a lot of factors to parents deciding to cloth diaper but our biggest one was money. YUP. we knew we were going to be a single income family after Cami girl got here and [...]